Mia Nakano is a photographer, videographer, editor, web-designer, teacher, consultant, printer, writer, and social change maker based out of Oakland, CA. She honed her skills working on projects in China, Japan, Nepal, and the US. Her work can be found in numerous print and web publications, along with contributions to countless community and non-profit organizations.

What sets Mia’s work apart is her extensive work experience, reliability, honesty, and creative problem-solving. She loves what she does and intentionally works with clients whose missions and visions she personally believes in. Her speciality is working with small businesses, non-profits, and artists helping people achieve their goals. A strong focus is placed on visual integrity and accessibility.

Mia is a nerd at heart. She is easily fascinated by simple experiences, feels like there’s learning opportunities around every corner, and staunchly believes the act of taking a photograph the first step in the hike of making a print. She worked in photographic labs for fifteen years, starting out in 1996 as a B&W machine printer. Luckily, her life as an 80’s baby allowed her to learn analog and digital processes simultaneously, then she morphed into a custom B&W printer, photo retoucher, lab manager, photographer, teacher, tintypist, digital alchemist…

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