photo tutoring & consulting

I’m available for one-on-one or small group instruction in a broad range of subjects from digital photography, tintypes, digital printing, and traditional darkroom techniques. The session is always customized based on the student/client’s goals. This process is a great way for people to learn at their pace and my teaching style adapts to student learning style. Contact me if you want to learn something that isn’t listed.

Digital photo tutoring

I have 15-years of experience working in analog and digital custom photo labs, and bring that perspective to all my students & clients. My philosophy is to teach clients to use the tools they currently have to the fullest extent and make recommendations on new tools to help their work flourish.

  • color management
  • printing
  • scanning
  • profiling
  • lightroom, iphoto, photoshop
  • troubleshooting workflow issues
  • basic to advanced digital photo techniques: hdr, panoramic stitching, stop motion, long exposure/night photography
  • file management practices: organization, backup, keywording
  • setup of digital darkroom space

Tintype tutoring

  • coating, developing, processing, and finishing
  • chemical mixtures
  • troubleshooting tips
  • digital positive to tintype (make darkroom enlargements)

*Please note if you have a darkroom and a black & white enlarger at home, you can easily do this process!

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