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Mia’s approach to web design is unique because she combines strategic business practices with clean fresh visual art. Her clients are internationally known artists to grassroots social justice organizations. She walk through your business plan and create action items to accomplish your goals. And she will ask questions and suggest tools you may not have considered to make your organization, business, or art practice more successful. Clients appreciate the personal whole perspective Mia brings to facilitate their visions.

Starter splash site – $1200 up to 20 hours

An accessible option for individuals, small businesses, and organizations to create an online presence, or refresh their online identity. Existing websites can be updated with new graphics, focus on user navigation, and incorporation of social media. Brand new websites will be created with the client’s vision in mind, as well as guidance from Mia about best practices, staying connected with vistors, and things you may not have thought about yet.

○ $50 for initial 1-hour consult.  If hired, credit will be put toward package payment
○ Setup domain name, privacy protection, hosting
○ Create photo galleries inclusive to: color/density image processing, optimize sizes for fast load times, watermarking
○ Email setup + forwarding
○ SEO and social networking plugins
○ Basic customization of wordpress themes
○ Setup automatic back-up
○ Documentation & how-to tutorials that enable clients to make basic text & image updates< ○ Additional fees may include: for domain name + privacy protection + 1-year of hosting

A-la-carte menu – $60/hr

○ Custom design of web thumbnails, buttons, rollovers, and print based graphics
○ Copy-editing
○ Setup email list
○ Targeted and customized SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
○ Training sessions and documentation in “how to” make updates to the website
○ Updates to wordpress, theme, and plugins
○ Marketing & best business practices consulting

Monthly backups + updates + maintenance

Prices vary based on site complexity and frequency of updates. Starting rate is $20/month for existing clients

Online store/e-commerce – $2500 – up to 60 hours

For clients who have physical products for sale, or services to offer such as consulting sessions, lectures, etc.  Mia can create an e-commerce store that integrates into facebook, mailing list, and allows expansion of businesses.  The store can include a range of items from the list below. This package is the most comprehensive for those who wish to create a robust online store with dozens to hundreds of products.

○ Merchant processing setup + fees
○ Creation and stock of individual products, categories, and variations of products
○ Search engine optimization
○ Formulate and implement style consistency
○ Gift certificates
○ Classes & workshops, events, and other “non-tangible” products
○ Shipping
○ Customer relations client manager

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