Sita Bhaumik
A visual artist extraordinare, writer, editor, events expert, and marketing dynamo. Sita is one of the few people I’ll hire as an assistant.  We’ve worked together as photographers, instructors, artists, and cooking for numerous fundraisers.

Tricia Choi
Rockstar creative director doesn’t even begin to describe how talented this person is.  She designed my logo and came up with a sleek branding campaign that I loved.  Tricia is also an accomplished painter, singer, and dancer.

Stefanie Liang
The best masseuse I’ve ever gone to. Just check out her yelp reviews! Also, she’s a great designer for print or web, whether it’s an ad campaign or acting as the creative director for a magazine.

Rachel Max
Animator for big and small companies. Uber talented, and lucky for you, she freelances. Her films and animations are associated with Comedy Central, Apple, Sesame Street, and too many other companies and media outlets to list.

Mariah Robertson
Based out of New York, and sometimes the Bay Area, Robertson is an insanely talented photographer and printer, whose work has a tendency to sell out. Check out the images on her site, and video about her process.

Shawn Tamaribuchi
Web and print designer, photographer, visual artist, mixed martial arts fighter, trainer, marketing machine, and the person I go to whenever I need tech help for coding. Need I say more?

Cody T. Williams Photography
Great blend of photographer, instructor, lighting geek, and scientist.  Phenomenal ability to troubleshoot while maintaining very calm energy, two qualities I consider to be invaluable. Also a videographer and is just as comfortable in a darkroom as in a digital lab. One of my top picks to recommend to clients.

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