grandpa + I

When I was 7-years old, my grandfather (on my mother’s side) and my father passed away within two weeks of each other. I feel like this was one of the driving forces behind me becoming a photographer, documenting bits and pieces of all facets of my life. A few years ago, I came across a selection of color slides my grandfather took over 40 years ago and saw some of our images were eerily alike. After this discovery, I decided that we would collaborate albeit posthumously. I figured that wherever he was, my grandfather would be just as excited about “our” series as I was.

In 1999 on a family trip with my mom and sister, I traveled to Japan for the first and only time. Most of this collaboration is comprised of images I took there, where I shot with my first real camera, a 35mm Canon Elan IIe.

About the process
Harry Kagawa, or grandpa to me, was a landscaper with a strong Japanese aesthetic, he most definitely wasn’t a photographer. Many of the slides were poorly exposed, so I made a decision to convert them to black and white, it would be more reflective of the passage of time between his images and mine.